as Bufiman

Bufiman - Ältere Sachen (2015)
soon available on Fasaan Recordings FA008 (http://www.fasaanrecordings.com/)

Bufiman - Basedrum Party (2015)
available on VFMM Manifest #002 / Kashual #002 (terpsiton.com)

Bufiman - Running EP (2014)
available on Versatile Records VER095 (versatilerecords.com)
Videos for "Kalvier" & ["Running (The Chase)"] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJb5KvsGNqs)

Bufiman - Bufi To Body (2012)
Bufiman - Fantasy
available on Verein freier Menschen & Musik VFMM#003 (terpsiton.com)

Bufiman - Momentum (2012)
Bufiman - Spunk
available on Verein freier Menschen & Musik VFMM#001 (terpsiton.com)

as Wolf Müller

Wolf Müller & Cass. - The Sound Of Glades (2016)
available on Internation Feel Records - IFEEL054

Wolf Müller - Balztanz (2013)
with Niklas Wandt, Jan Schulte, Florian Van Volxem, Kontan Chok, J.T.C
available on Themes For Great Cities - TFGC008

Wolf Müller - Lagerfeuer Tanz EP (2011)
available on Themes For Great Cities TFGC004 (themesforgreatcities.com)

Tolouse Low Trax - Jeidem Fall (Wolf Müller Mix) (2014)
available on Karaoke Kalk 79, Listen here (karaokekalk.de)

Jose Padilla - Solito (Wolf Müller Water Mix / Wolf Müller Water Dance) (2014)
available on International Feel Recordings IFEEL030B, (https://www.facebook.com/internationalfeelrecordings)
Listen here and here

Jose Padilla - Wolf Müller Dubs (2015)
available on International Feel Recordings IFEEL 044 (http://internationalfeel.com/)

Mariam The Believer - Wolf Müller Remixes (2014)
available on Emotional Especial EES013 (http://emotional-especial.bandcamp.com/)
listen here

Wolf Müller - Rudeltanz (Guitars by Martin Sonnensberger) (2015)
available on Huntleys + Palmers Chapter 2: Cohorts, H+P 015 (http://www.huntleyspalmers.com/)
listen here

Telespazio - Barrier (Wolf Müller Remix) (2015)
available on Hell Yeah Recordings HYR147 (http://www.hellyeahrec.it/)

Soundspecies - Balafon Jam (Wolf Müller Deep Dub) (2015)
available on Beauty & The Beat BATB001 (http://www.houseparty.org.uk/)

Africaine 808 - Rhythm Is All You Can Dance (Wolf Müller Remix) (2015)
available on Golf Channel Recordings CHANNEL 060 (http://www.golfchannelrecordings.com/)

BAR - BAR Theme (Wolf Müller Remix) available on ITALIC Recordings - ITA104

with Montezumas Rache (Christian Pannenborg & Jan Schulte)

Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger - EP available on Emotional Response / Golf Channel Recordings (http://emotional-response.org/)

Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu (2014)
available on Second Circle SC001, via Music From Memory, Check the video here

Montezumas Rache - Sigma Tanz (2012)
available on Themes For Great Cities TFGC005 (themesforgreatcities.com)

Mungolian Jetset - Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (Montezumas Revenge Version) (2010)
available on Luna Flicks/Smalltown Supersound STS20712


Goofy Man - Victory Dance (2014)
available on Edits Des Amateurs EDA002

Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski - Talking About... (2012)
available on Edits Des Amateurs EDA001

Unknown Artist - It's Really You (2013)
(Jan Schulte Edit)
available on Noncollective NON, No.2

Africaine 808 - Cobijas (2013)
(Jan Schulte Rework)
available on Vulkan Dance VD 001

Jantronix Schulte - Cheops (2009)
available on Themes For Great Cities TFGC001

Music Mixes / DJ Recordings

Boiler Room X Dekmantel Selectors Collection Series - Jan Schulte

Red Bull Music Academy Radio - Jan Schulte at Villette Sonique, May 2016

Jan Schulte at Romano, Tel Aviv, March 2016

Wolf Müller: The Ransom Note Mix

Noise In My Head on NTS with Wolf Müller

Goethebunker Recording 05-12-15 with Jan Schulte aka Bufiman

NTS Radio 'Good Morning Australia' Episode 7 with Otologic & guest Jan Schulte

Animals Dancing Mix #9 - Bufiman

Public Possession Instore session 86 - Jan Schulte

Bufiman at OT301 / ADE 2015

Jan Schulte at Dublab Radioleaks Cologne, Opening Party

Wolf Müller - Summer Special for Berlin Community Radio

Bufiman - Dekmantel Podcast 020

Jan Schulte for 2-times, Melbourne (2014)

Boiler Room London DJ Set(2014)

Jan Schulte at Outlaw's Yacht Club 2nd birthday party (2014)

Testpressing #345 - Jan Schulte "Adventure Time" (2014)

Pool Mix - Jan Schulte (2014)

IceFM Paris 21.03.2014 - Guest: Wolf Müller (2014)

Jan Schulte "Hypnagogia" Mix - 28.10.2011 (2010)

TFGC Mixtape 21 "Drum music for peace - a search for the shadows of Wolf Müller" by Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte (2011)

TFGC Mixtape 23 "The Supernatural Meditations Of Wolf Müller" by Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte (2013)

Tingel Tangel & Jan Schulte for Suffon.de (2015)


11.09.16 - Wolf Müller DJ-Set at
About Blank, Berlin

03.09.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set at
Dekmantel Selectors Festival, Tisno

28.08.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set at
Baleapop Festival, Saint-Jean De Luz

19.08.16 - Wolf Müller, Mark Barott, Rune Lindbaek, many more
Pikes Hotel, Ibiza

13.08.16 - Wolf Müller live at
Festival, Chemnitz

12.08.16 - Bufiman DJ-Set at
Paradigm Festival, Groningen

10.08.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set, Gilb'r, Oyvind Morken at
Jaeger, Oslo

03.08.16 - Bufiman DJ-Set at
Disco Dolly, Amsterdam

30.07.16 - TFGC & Suffon.de Sommerfest w Calypso Steve, Robert Bergman, many more
Vier Linden Biergarten, Düsseldorf

29.07.16 - Wolf Müller at Tropical
Dance Tunnel, London

28.07.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set at
Secret Garden, Frankfurt

23.07.16 - Jan Schulte - All Night at
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

20.07.16 - Bufiman DJ-Set at
Valkhof Festival, Nijmegen

16.07.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set at
Walden #3, Wiener Wald

09.07.16 - Wolf Müller & Cass. live at
Open Source Festival, Düsseldorf

02.07.16 - Franco DJ & Bufiman
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

01.07.16 - Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt live at
Konfuzius Franz, Frankfurt

30.06.16 - Jan Schulte DJ-Set
Fusion Festival, Lärz

30.06.16 - Wolf Müller live at
Fusion Festival, Lärz

24.06.16 - Wolf Müller live at Time Based Academy
Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf

19.06.16 - Alaaf & Kickin' Open Air
Schräge Wiese, Cologne

15.06.16 - Young Wolf at Psyche Sommer Ball King's College, Cambridge

11.06.16 - Pender Street Steppers, Jan Schulte
Teak, Cardiff

05.06.16 - Joscha Creutzfeld, Jan Schulte
Alaaf and Kickin, Köln

28.05.16 - Bufiman at 20 Years Versatile Records
Villette Sonique, Paris

28.05.16 - Danse Danse with Africaine 808, Afrobot, Bufiman
Tolhuistion, Amsterdam

21.05.16 - Wolf Müller at
AMOC, Copenhagen

20.05.16 - Stabil Elite Releaseparty, Jan Schulte DJ-Set
Bii Nuu, Berlin

13.05.16 - Wolf Müller at
Opium, Vilnius

06.05.16 - Frank D'Arpino & Jan Schulte
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

30.04.16 - Gilb'r, Jan Schulte at
Dirtytalk, Bristol

29.04.16 - Wolf Müller at
Bussey Building, London

24.04.16 - Wolf Müller at
About Blank, Berlin

22.04.16 - Wolf Müller live at
Intonal Festival, Malmö

16.04.16 - Jan Schulte at
Meakusma, Eupen

15.04.16 - Radion Weekender, Jan Schulte at
Radion, Amsterdam

09.04.16 - Something with Gilb'r, Felix & Lauritz & Jan Schulte
Tanzhaus, Düsseldorf

25.03.16 - Jan Schulte at
Exviri, Bari

18.03.16 - Baris K, Afrobot & Bufiman
BAR, Rotterdam

04.03.16 - Wolf Müller for Selectors
Romano, Tel Aviv

27.02.16 - Jan Schulte & Public Possession at
Club Charlie, Munich

26.02.16 - Themes For Great Cities with Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte
Club Geneva, Cologne

20.02.16 - Jan Schulte at
Kraftfeld, Winterthur

29.01.16 - Wolf Müller at
Mini Müzikhol, Istanbul

22.01.16 - Themes For Great Cities with Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte
Club Geneva, Cologne

09.01.16 - TBA
TBA, Melbourne

08.01.16 - TBA
TBA, Perth

03.01.16 - TBA
TBA, Sydney

01.01.16 - Animals Dancing with Telephones, Wolf Müller, Tornado Wallace
TBA, Melbourne

19.12.15 - Rude 66, Wolf Müller, Steffen Bennemann
Coney Island, Cologne

18.12.15 - Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt live
Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne

12.12.15 - Themes For Great Cities with Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte
Club Geneva, Cologne

05.12.15 - Helena Hauff, Jan Schulte
Goethe Bunker, Essen

04.12.15 - Diskant Records with Harmonious Thelonious, Dont DJ, Wolf Müller
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

03.12.15 - Telephones, Wolf Müller, Gratts
Griessmühle, Berlin

28.11.15 - Jan Schulte, SSCK, Pouvoir Magique, Pam & Satoshi
Le Frisson Mimosa, Paris

27.11.15 - Copenhagen Family Man, Prins Emanuel & Bufiman
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

21.11.15 - Opening Party, Wolf Müller live, Forum DJ's
Gebäude 0, Mülheim

11.11.15 - Steffen Bennemann, Joscha Creutzfeld & Jan Schulte
Tausendbar, Cologne

07.11.15 - Version with Rearview Radio, Jan Schulte & Mario Schoo Unikeller, Osnabrück

31.10.15 - Coma Club with Leo Mas, Dj Pipi, Ruf Dug, Kenneth Bager, Basso & Bufiman
Secret Location, Copenhagen

24.10.15 - Robert Bergmann, Wolf Müller & Holger
Holger, Brussels

23.10.15 - Huntleys + Palmers with Esa, Wolf Müller
Birthdays, London

17.10.15 - ADE with Afrobot, Tako, Baris K., Young Marco & Bufiman
OT301, Amsterdam

10.10.15 - Wolf Müller live
The Art School, Glasgow

09.10.15 - Smells with Jan Schulte
Sameheads, Berlin

26.09.15 - Camp Inc, Bufiman & Marat
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

26.09.15 - Jan Schulte at Roscella Bay
Roscella Bay Festival, La Rochelle

19.09.15 - Fettschmelze Open Air
Innenstadt, Karlsruhe

18.09.15 - Camp Inc Releaseparty, Bufiman
Gewölbe, Cologne

11.09.15 - Jan Schulte
Neuer Kunstverein, Wuppertal

11.09.15 - Live Improvisation
Alte Post, Neuss

05.09.15 - Jan Schulte for Dublab.de
City Leaks, Cologne

04.09.15 - DJ Jonny O & Wolf Müller
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

29.08.15 - Jan Schulte at Parlour
Nefertiti, Gothenburg

28.08.15 - Jan Schulte & Fasaan Recordings Under Bron, Stockholm

08.08.15 - Jan Schulte & Tolouse Low Trax
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

07.08.15 - Jan Schulte & Lars Fleischmann
King Georg, Cologne

01.08.15 - TFGC & Suffon Sommerfest with James Pants, Jan Schulte, Rearview Radio, Eiger Nordwand
Vier Linden Biergarten, Düsseldorf

31.07.15 - Young Wolf Live
Nachtdigital Festival, Leipzig

24.07.15 - Kuru Open Air
Middle Of Nowhere, Estonia

17.07.15 - Walden Open Air
Riegler Hütte, Vienna

27.06.15 - Coma Disco with Jan Schulte
Yard Theatre, London

26.06.15 - Dancers Wanted with Jan SChulte, Ruf Dug
Soup Kitchen, Manchester

25.06.15 - Fusion Festival
Somewhere, near Berlin

20.06.15 - Jan Schulte, TBA
Bar Romantica, Stuttgart

19.06.15 - Live Improvisation, TBA
Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

13.06.15 - Bufiman / Fasaan Recordings 008 Release Party TBA, Malmö

06.06.15 - Salon Des Amateurs Night with Lena Willikens, Tolouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte
Distortion Festival, Copenhagen

03.06.15 - Secret Party
TBA, Düsseldorf

22.05.15 - Jan Schulte, Roland Baader
Sabotage, Dresden

16.05.15 - All Night with Jan Schulte
King Georg, Cologne

09.05.15 - Jan Schulte, Daniel Fritschi
Golzheim, Düsseldorf

30.04.15 - Tanz in den Mai, Retrogott, Jan Schulte
Roxy, Cologne

25.04.15 - Jan Schulte, Schwabe at Disco Not Disco
20/44, Belgrade

24.04.15 - Jan SChulte, Auntie Flo, Noema
Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin

18.04.15 - Lena Willikens, Phuong Dan, Jan Schulte
Golem, Hamburg

12.04.15 - Wolf Müller live at World Minimal Music Festival
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

04.04.15 - Tingel Tangel & Jan Schulte
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

28.03.15 - Maksimal with Wolf Müller live & DJ
Oestre, Bergen

21.03.15 - Jan Schulte, Philip Berg, Aprill
TBA, Frankfurt

20.03.15 - Jan Schulte, Job Obermann
BAR, Rotterdam

19.03.15 - Wolf Müller live at Elektro Müller
Former Kling Klang Studios, Düsseldorf

14.03.15 - Martial Canterell live, Tolouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

13.03.15 - NTS Radio special with Wolf Müller and more
Carhartt Store, Cologne

07.03.15 - Paradiso #19 with Jan Schulte
Celeste, Vienna

28.02.15 - Montezumas Rache at Disco Sigaretta
Control Club, Bucharest

07.02.15 - The Boogie Des Amateurs with Jan Schulte
Christiania, Copenhagen

31.01.15 - Oscillations with Beppe Loda, Tolouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte a.m.m.
Griessmühle, Berlin

23.01.15 - "Mariam The Believer - Wolf Müller Remixes" Releaseparty with Chuggy & Wolf Müller
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

10.01.15 - Fasaan Recordings (Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy) & Jan Schulte
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

31.12.14 - K5 Silvester with Pollyester, Lauer, Bufiman a.m.m.
K5, Köln

26.12.14 - YOUNG WOLF (Young Marco & Wolf Müller) DJ-Set
Gewölbe, Köln

22.12.14 - Max Kersting's Super Sause mit Wolf Müller
Werstatt, Lippstadt

19.12.14 H+P 7th Birthday with Talaboman, Highlife & Wolf Müller
The Art School, Glasgow

12.12.14 - YOUNG WOLF (Young Marco & Wolf Müller) live
Trouw, Amsterdam

06.12.14 - 5 Jahre Themes For Great Cities Party - Lineup TBA
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

22.11.14 - Jan Schulte 4 Hour Set
Die Registratur, München

21.11.14 - Sacha Macadam Mambo, Phuong Dan, Jan Schulte
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

20.11.14 - Boochie with Jan Schulte, Bernard L'Hermite
Bonnefooi, Brussels

15.11.14 - Jan Schulte all night
King Georg, Köln

08.11.14 - Jan Schulte & Tolouse Low Trax
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

27.09.14 - Outlaws Yacht Club 2nd Birthday with Jan Schulte, Tako & Abel
Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds

26.09.14 - Wolf Müller at Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section, London

20.09.14 - 10 Years Salon Des Amateurs!!!
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

19.09.14 - Salon Des Amateurs Night with Jan Schulte, Vladimir Ivkovic, Dont DJ, Harmonious Thelonious
Conne Island, Leipzig

12.09.14 - Themes For Great Cities präsentiert:
J.T.C. (Spectral/Ghostly/Nation, USA),
Jan Schulte & Rearview Radio
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

06.09.14 - "Our Hobby is Different" with Jan Schulte, Kieran, dsb a.m. Humboldthain, Berlin

05.09.14 - Brutaz presents The Record Loft, with NGLY, Wolf Müller, Cheers Chris a.m.
Klub 1500m2, Warsaw

29.08.14 - My Name is K5, with Jan Schulte, Lena Willikens, Kame House & Lucy Milanova
K5, Rhenania, Köln

08.08.14 - Paradisco with Nomad Uno & Jan Schulte, Willie Burns, Lee Douglas a.m.
Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin

02.08.14 - Themes For Great Cities & Suffon.de Sommerfest, mit Cass., Forum, Jan Schulte & Rearview Radio
more info here, Düsseldorf, Open Air

12.07.14 - Young Wolf Live Show World Premiere at
Open Source Festival, Düsseldorf

28.06.14 - Roxy Club Cologne with Andreas Gehm, Tobias Becker, Jan Schulte

19.06.14 - Huntleys & Palmers with Themes For Great Cities (Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte)
at Plastic People, London

14.06.14 - Quadriennale Musik Nacht mit Colorist, Hall & Rauch, Tolouse Low Trax & Wolf Müller
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

06.06.14 - VIVA EROTICA Live, DJ Broda & Bufiman Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

30.05.14 - Themes For Great Cities(Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte), Max Grothus & Dennis Gläser
Hotel Shanghai, Essen

24.05.14 - Themes For Great Cities Instore Session bei Redlight Records Amsterdam

10.05.14 - RSHMTH Live & DJ Jan Schulte ALL NIGHT LONG
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

09.05.14 - Panta Rhei presents Luv*Jam, Jan Schulte, Eiger Nordwand & Niccolo Cupo
Nirvana, Düsseldorf

30.04.14 - Jules (Rise, Cologne) & Jan Schulte
Tanz in den Mai im King Georg

26.04.14 - EMAF Festival mit Wolf Müller, Ilias Pitsios (Echovolt Records), Solyst
Osnabrück, Germany

11.04.14 - Jan Schulte, Camp Inc, Shumi, Marc Lansley
im Club Subway, Köln/Cologne

10.04.14 - Art Cologne Vernissage, Köln Mühlheim
Phillip Jondo, Jan Schulte - mehr info folgt

05.04.14 - RANDOM mit Jan Schulte/Bufiman, Joscha Baumer & Eduardo Sadico
im Silbergold Club, Frankfurt

22.03.14 - VERSATILE presente:
Beppe Loda, Wolf Müller & Gilb'r
at Batofar Paris, France

15.03.14 - Jan Schulte, Africaine 808 (Nomad Uno & Dirk Leyers), Chia Imam
bei VULKANDANCE im Humboldthain, Berlin

01.03.14 - Wolf Müller & Rearview Radio (Themes For Great Cities)
bei Tingel Tangel im Ce Leste Wien/Vienna, Austria

15.02.14 - Themes For Great Cities Nacht im Salon Des Amateurs mit:
Basso (The Growing Bin Records, HH), Jan Schulte & Rearview Radio

01.02.14 - Soundstream, Lukas Wenninger & Bufiman
Hotel Shanghai, Essen

31.01.14 - Bufiman & Dirk Schiller im Parkhouse Düsseldorf, all night long

25.01.14 - Kraut & Drastik 2 mit Jaki Liebezeit, Hans-Joachim Irmler, Bodo Hansen & Jan Schulte
in den Münchner Kammerspielen, Falckenbergstraße 2, München

24.01.14 - Themes For Great Cities & Esclé
im City Club, Augsburg

18.01.14 - Vulkandance mit Nomad Uno & Jan Schulte in der Bar Luzia, Berlin

17.01.14 - Jan Schulte & Philipp Otterbach
im Farbfernseher Berlin

17.01.14 - Themes For Great Cities-Showcase im Recordloft Berlin

04.01.14 - Jan Schulte in der Solobar Düsseldorf

31.12.13 - NYE im Salon Des Amateurs
Jan Schulte, Rearview Radio & Tolouse Low Trax, Düsseldorf

28.12.13 - Themes For Great Cities presents:
TFGC008 'Wolf Müller - Balztanz' Releaseparty
mit Philipp Maiburg, Tolouse Low Trax, Rearview Radio, Jan Schulte & more
Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf Grabbeplatz

07.12.13 - Eiger Nordwand & Jan Schulte im King Georg, Köln Sudermanstraße

29.11.13 - Back In The Box auf 97,1
Radioshow von Subtil mit Gast Jan Schulte

29.11.13 - Graffiti, Rap & Comics
Ausstellung über NMZS mit Musik von Antilopen Gang, DJ Scoobie Drum

23.11.13 - Acido Records presents: Skatebard live, Dynamo Dreseen & Jan Schulte
Hotel Shanghai, Essen

16.11.13 - Themes For Great Cities mit Rearview Radio & Jan Schulte Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf Grabbeplatz

16.11.13 - Vernissage Jordy van Nieuwendijk, Musik: Jan Schulte
Nina Sagt Galerie, Düsseldorf Stresemannstraße

08.11.13 - Illoyal & Bassdeaph Releaseparty Illoyal, Luk&Fil, Vomit Heat, Jan Schulte, ... Gallery Arty Farty, Köln

31.10.13 - HalloWien mit Tingel Tangel aus Wien Wilde Discjockeys im Salon Des Amateurs

27.09.13 - Basso (Growing Bin Records, HH) & Jan Schulte Kraut-Disco & Esoteric Dance im King Georg, Köln

21.09.13 - Bufiman at Vinylclub Duesseldorf House/Techno/Bufi-Style

14.09.13 - Eröffnung 'Holger Kurt Jäger - Enthemmt' Musikalische Untermalung in der Galerie Nina Sagt

13.09.13 - Flat Field New Wave/Electronic Welle im Goethe Bunker, Essen

07.09.13 - Salon Des Amateurs Voodoo-Dance/Hypnodisco mit Tolouse Low Trax & Jan Schulte

31.08.13 - FAREWELL, FOOLISH OBJECTS GOODBYE VFMM & Terpsiton Djakob, Tim Schumacher & Bufiman im Salon Des Amateurs

30.08.13 - Outsider Emotion House & Voodoo Love Songs im King Georg, Köln